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Tuesday, March 31, 2009


(There are some interisting details about the lady in the picture...ask Ken Brandt...her name is Sonja Heady) (see Footnote)

I have never in my life seen a more FARCICAL writing as the short work entitled:

Some Thought Provoking Comments
On The Subject of Revival
In the Life of the Christian

First, this pious sounding opening statement. This is not a quote, it’s an exact copy from page 2 of the work above mentioned.

for revival in our time. It is as though those past experiences and what I have learned since the first publication of this booklet that I wish to once again issue this effort.

At this stage of my life I am now not quite sure that what they experienced was true revival, and yet something happened that cannot be explained by mere observation. I have therefore drawn some conclusions that may be of help to the individual believer, if they are open to suggestions that can change their lives for the better. I don’t believe God works in any place where doctrine that is contrary to sound Bible belief is present. I also don’t believe that God works in a purely emotional state, for emotion may play a part in revival, it is not the main result. Unless men and women are drawn to Christ in a supernatural way, and unless Christ gets all the glory, it is doubtful that revival is present.

The word revival is not a Biblical term. The words revive, revived and reviving are all Old Testament terms, with the exception of two places in the New Testament. In Romans 7:9 it is said that “sin revived,” and Romans 14:9 where it is written “For to this end Christ both died, and rose, and revived, that he might be Lord of both the dead and living.”
In light of the forgoing, what do we mean by the term revival? I would to prefer to call phenomena “spiritual awakening,” which is what takes place when believers are convicted by the Holy Spirit and become disturbed about their own state of being. It is a time when God works in them a burning desire to conform to what the Bible teaches about living the Christian life.
There is one sentence above that is such a colossal farce it falls off the page:

"I don’t believe God works in any place where doctrine that is contrary to sound Bible belief is present."

There are four terms that will be used in my expose’ of this abomination. The context in which they will be used, just to make misunderstanding impossible, I will define. They are:

· Corruption
· Perversion
· Twisting
· Denial

Corrupt: Of the six Greek words translated to this English word I will site only one.
#2585, as used by Paul in 2 Cor 2:17. "TO ADULTERATE"

Pervert: New Testament word # 1294, used seven times; to distort-misinterpret

Twist: New Testament word # 4761, used only once by Peter in 2 Peter 3:16, to wrench- torture

Deny: New Testament word # 720, to contradict, disavow. My computer bible has 31 matches for this word, the two most pertinent scriptures are Titus 1:16 and 2 Peter 2:1

Of these four words the one that I want to make the biggest point about is “Twist”, so, the other three I will simply reference what I have already written, and all this just because of the one highlighted sentence from the page above. If, what was written on the above page lined up with the antics of the writer AND with the antics of the rest of the Farceanatha bible Cult I would shout Glory Halleluiah…but since it DOES NOT, and both the writer and his cult KNOW that it doesn’t, it’s the biggest FARCE in the world! Oh…”the writer”…so as to make perfectly clear to whom this alludes…his most eminent eminence the late Rev. Holy Farce, a.k.a. Dusty Rhoads.

So without any more of my frothing at the mouth, I present a question: From the sentence of the page above Q: is there a “place” where “doctrine” contrary to sound biblical principles is present? To answer this question I suppose I need to specify BOTH the “doctrine” AND the “sound biblical principles”.

First word: corrupt. The associated sound biblical principles, just one verse, Psalms 12:6. For a more detailed list see my “Clarification”. Now for the “doctrine” held by this ever so pure cult…This has only been explicitly stated in words by Henry Dziczkowski, however what this person has so stated (see “The Incident”) is replete in ALL the written material of this cult. Namely the corruption of capitalization.

Second word: Pervert. The associated sound biblical principles; see the list of five verbatim quotes in my Isaiah 1:18 letter, than see the first book written by his holiness, Progressive Revelation, pages 53 and 306.

Fourth word: Deny. (I’m going to come back to the third word) See the sixth and seventh chapters of the Book of Genesis, than see “Revelation Studies~Genesis” pages 88 and 204.

My comments on the above three words are by no means complete. They are however sufficient to illustrate what a TOTAL FARCE the writer of this so holy-holy book on revival is.

Now for “Twisting”

It wouldn’t hurt to quote the only verse wherein this word is used, it’s 2 Peter 3:16. “…things hard to be understood, which they that are unlearned and unstable wrest…” I submit that in ALL of The Word of God, the one singular truth, if twisted, is the worst sin…i.e. Blasphemy of the Holy Ghost…is…”THE GOSPEL”. That is of course, “The Gospel According to the Scriptures”. Ohhhh…his extra holy Farceness would never-never-never do that…would he!!

A categorical statement “Paul calls his gospel the gospel of peace”, one of several places this profound utterance is made is in “Revelation Studies~Ephesians” page 269 line 15. Excuse me, excuse me…what is said in the paragraph that precedes this “truth”?

1. The writer quotes Romans 10:15, this to bring attention to “beautiful feet”
2. The writer than explains the GREEK word # 5611

I suppose I’m not supposed to notice that in Paul’s letter to the Romans in the #1 reference above that Paul states “As it is written…” referring to the book of Isaiah, chapter 52, verse 7. The HEBREW word translated as beautiful is O.T. #4998, which has no relation whatever to this skolar’s explanation of the Greek word #5611.

Let me approach this from another vantage point. I will make a categorical statement: “Dusty Rhoads does not know what the gospel of peace is” I find somewhat amusing that the Spring 1995 conference from which the whole section of this book (Revelation Studies~Ephesians) was taken (starting at page 242, and ending at page 295), DOES NOT ADDRESS the “feet shod with the preparation of the gospel of peace). In fact Rev. Holy Farce so states ON TAPE, that this item of armor was skipped!!

Before I proceed any farther, I issue a challenge…GET THE TAPES AND PROVE ME WRONG! Furthermore, this tape I am alluding to is not the only place that I have heard this.

A very short digression, in my above references of pages 242~295 something fell off the page…page 287, line 8. In my other letters I have pointed out the “Farceness” of what this sack of skin filled with shit calls scholarship…now, not only that, but he can’t even make a correct reference!

Back to “twisting”…so, he doesn’t know what “the gospel of peace is”, to explain it away, how convent to twist it to mean the “gospel of the grace of God” (By the way, I do know what the gospel of peace is…I will NOT tell you…you see that would violate Mathew 7:6)

The conclusion of my expose’ of the above four words: Dusty Rhoads takes the most precious gift given to man, The Word of God…he corrupts it, he perverts it, he denies it and he twists it. And ALL of you lovey-dovey chunks of the carcass of khrist never noticed… BURN IN HELL!!

Below is copied from page 14

False and misleading statements, misquoted Scripture, passages taken out of context and any outer means employed by man that is not Biblical will not be honored by our God. Plain Biblical truths can never be replaced as God’s main in bringing about and maintaining revival. There is so little honesty in pulpits today that we need not look far and wide for the cause of spiritual declension. Illustrations and stories that are designed to bring emotional upheaval will never bring heartfelt and lasting conviction.

I’m not done, this paper is a condemnation Of the short book on

The forgoing was just from one farcical sentence from page two of this abomination, the below is copied from page 28.

In January 1990, I was facing my first year alone after having shared a life with a human companion. I knew I had to find some ground upon which I could build my life, so I sat down and wrote out a list of things that would be a part of my life from that point on. Some I had already used, but this was an entirely different story. So, in additions to the guidelines used in “Rivers of Living Water” I included these thoughts that came to me in the first month of 1990.

Now see my letter “Isaiah 1:18 continuation” (the portion specifically addressed to Jim Motylinski), the section of that letter that exposes a peculiar anatomical anomaly of the late Rev. Holy Farce, namely the location of his brain… Now read this…it’s a copy from page 29:

I determined that I would never get involved with anything of anybody until I evaluated it thoroughly and could see where it was leading. I had observed this in my life before, I would have avoided many pitfalls and errors

Never mind that he re-marries, never mind that the woman to whom me marries is twenty-three years his junior…WHAT HAPPENS?? She leaves him!! WHY!? Pray tell?

It couldn’t have a thing to do with the time wherein this occurred being when VIAGRA was not yet invented…Could it!!

This little book transcends both the connotation and the denotation of the word FARCE! One last thing, below is copied from page 23:

Elijah brought down the wrath of Jezebel by his preaching. John the Baptist lost his head because he named the sin of Herod. Paul died after a long prison term because he refused to soften his message. It has always been so, and today is no different.

I wonder if all of you farces put together will have one peep to rebut me!

Allan Lewicki
7911 Thornton Dr.
Parma, Ohio 44129




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